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Fundamental and Technical Share Training (ONLINE)

Course Content

Day-1 : Data collection and fundamental analysis
1.1 Importance of data in share market 1.2 How to process information from collected data 1.3 Systematic data collection and smart play with data 1.4 Understanding financial statement of company reports and relevant least data pick-up but cover most of the requirements 1.5 Understanding financial ratios, their indication and relevance on share market application 1.6 Data analysis in totality of NEPSE
Day-2 : Technical Analysis and trading in share market
1.1 What is technical analysis? 1.2 Attributes and cautions of technical indicators 1.3 Relevance and limitations of technical analysis 1.4 Understanding four pillars of technical analysis and choosing of technical indicators 1.5 Technical indicators, understanding and practice
Day-3 : Blending fundamental & technical analysis and developing strategies
1.1 Combining fundamental and technical analysis tools 1.2 Decision checklist for investors and traders 1.3 Paper trading – understanding and practice 1.4 Universal strategy of investors and traders 1.5 Do and do not, tips and tricks of share market 1.6 Closing of session

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Upcoming Session:

Baishakh 25-27, 2078 (May 8-10, 2021)

Session per day:

2 hours / day


6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


1.Taken basic share training of share market 2.Understanding of basic terminologies, process and procedures of share market 3.Done IPO application or started share buy sell in NEPSE secondary market. 4.Willing to learn share market’s fundamental and technical analysis tools to do more frequent transactions in NEPSE secondary market.

Target Group:

Investors who have some basic understanding of the share market and who want to invest more confidently by learning fundamental and technical analysis tools.

Training Fee:

Rs. 1,500

Total Session Duration:

3 days

Training Objective:

1. Develop a solid confidence to start knowledge based investment after training. 2. Develop a strong data management skills to gain benefit from share market 3. Provide practical investment skills and strategies to participants that will last lifetime

About the Course:

This 3 days training will provide you with the strong theoretical base and more practical data management skills on both primary and secondary market share investments. Participants will learn how to better analyze with fundamental and technical analysis tools to enter into market with confidence. Training will cover how to collect share market data properly and process it to convert it into valuable information and confidently invest. Developing strategies and avoiding common mistakes on share market will also be focused in training.

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Our Trainers

Mr. Keshav Prasad Shrestha

Max Vision Limited

Dr. Keshav Shrestha is Chairman of Max Vision Ltd. and also an investor in Nepalese share market. He has other active and passive investments as well. He has 36 years of working experience in corporate level management, finance, audit, administration, HR and IT. He has more than 20 years of experience in share market. He loves to train people who wants to enter into investment arena and conducts a wide range of investment training. His investment knowledge is well diverse and he also has pioneered the innovative concept of hybrid investing. Dr. Shrestha is an MBA, BL degree holder and has worked in senior level of management in corporate and development agencies. He is the writer of 13 different types of books. His last book is named "Samriddhiko Bato" which gained popularity among readers, especially among entrepreneurs and investors. He is also involved in taking motivational classes to the BBA / MBA finalists in the different colleges.