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Hybrid Investment Training (ONLINE)

Course Content

Day 1
1.1 Know the banking business process and pattern of return. 1.2 Know the insurance business process and its multifold benefits to investors. 1.3 Know share market attributes. 1.4 How to play maximum safe but amplify the return?
Day 2
2.1 Investment tools around us and their suitability to investor's context. 2.2 Hybrid the investment – what it mean and how? 2.3 Solo vs hybrid investment tools 2.4 "Jumbo Return Investment Model" – pattern, steps, to do list and return projections
Day 3
3.1 Role play of "Jumbo Return Investment Schemes" 3.2 Investment action plan of participants 3.3 Challenges of Hybrid Investment and smart management 3.4 Techniques to keep the scheme growing over time
Day 4
4.1 Business model of Hybrid Investment 4.2 How financial institutions are making products based on the Hybrid Investment concept?

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Upcoming Session:

9 Shrawan - 12 Shrawan, 2078 (July 24-27, 2021)

Session per day:

2 Hours


6:00 PM


1. Basic knowledge on banking products, insurance and share market. 2. No age bar. 3. Familiarity with basic terminologies of share market and insurance process will be an added value.

Target Group:

1. Beginners who aim to make very high return through long term investment. 2. Investors who has some savings that can be invested. 3.People who want to play less risky but high return.

Training Fee:

Rs. 2500 Incl. VAT

Total Session Duration:

4 days

Training Objective:

1. Develop a solid confidence that their money can work well. 2. Prove that hybrid investment can yield very high than normal investment. 3.Give confidence that investment can be safe, less risky but very productive. 4.Assist to start the jumbo return scheme practically.

About the Course:

This 4 days training will provide you the solid confidence that you can start hybrid investment scheme with your little savings. The training is about how to make your money work hard for you rather than doing hard work by yourself. In the training, we will prove that the unique blend of 100% legal, very safe and less work can generate the unbelievable amount of money in the long run.

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Our Trainers

Mr. Keshav Prasad Shrestha

Max Vision Limited

Dr. Keshav Shrestha is Chairman of Max Vision Ltd. and also an investor in Nepalese share market. He has other active and passive investments as well. He has 36 years of working experience in corporate level management, finance, audit, administration, HR and IT. He has more than 20 years of experience in share market. He loves to train people who wants to enter into investment arena and conducts a wide range of investment training. His investment knowledge is well diverse and he also has pioneered the innovative concept of hybrid investing. Dr. Shrestha is an MBA, BL degree holder and has worked in senior level of management in corporate and development agencies. He is the writer of 13 different types of books. His last book is named "Samriddhiko Bato" which gained popularity among readers, especially among entrepreneurs and investors. He is also involved in taking motivational classes to the BBA / MBA finalists in the different colleges.